About Me

“I Create things I wish existed’

Tessa Michaelides is a young London fashion photographer, creative director and production of film who is currently working at Condé Nast, British Vogue.

Graduated with her BA at the London College of Fashion, Fashion photography and creativity has always been her passion.

Tessa is a dedicated individual who has worked for multiple magazines within the UK – Vogue, OK, STAR and Papercut Magazine, as well as having assisted photographers such as Tony Magee.

Tessa already has rounded knowledge of many areas in the industry.

Her achievements have not only won her many awards, but also her fashion film has been screened at the InHouse Film Festival 2014 and shown on PaperCut and Show Studio, allowing her to focus on a ‘Mastered’ course led by Nick Knight. Knowing exactly what look she wants to achieve from her camera, whether it’s a fashion shot to a moving image, comes naturally to this aspiring photographer with the artistic eye.


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